Please adhere to the standards set out below. This goes for all spaces managed by CodeHub: In-person meetups like hack nights, study groups and workshops, as well as online spaces like our Slack group or the Meetup pages.

We ask you to

  • behave respectfully towards other people
  • be considerate of people‚Äôs time and attention
  • contribute positively and constructively to discussions
  • listen and take into account others' concerns and opinions

Dealing with unwelcome behaviour

We will not tolerate any form of harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, invasions of personal space, exclusionary jokes/comments, and sexual language and imagery in talks.

When we learn about a member being made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, we will seek to clarify the situation and take appropriate action. This can mean making people aware of their language and/or behaviour and asking them to change it, but can also mean asking people to leave.

If you feel somebody behaved inappropriately, please let one of the current organisers know. At the moment, that's Audrey, Mark or Katja. You can also write an email to This will go to all three of us.